26 May 2014

Bailey Hill Greenhouse opens on Mothers Day every year!

Do you long for a chance to step back in time?

When life seemed just a little slower...
When sweet peas wafting their scent to you as you pass by the garden ...

Chelsea Flowershow Collection
Showbench Sweetpeas
Melody Bicolor sweetpeas

The varieties of our beautiful Antique Sweet Peas are over a hundred years old, fabulously scented and weather promising, you can look forward to reveling in lush masses of blooms and gorgeous fragrances before the end of June.

By getting your English Sweet Peas from us already a foot high in May and enjoying blooms in June, you are a step ahead of the difficulties of planting them from seed during our unpredictable Alberta spring weather.

Turquoise short sweetpea

Theresa Maureen Bush Sweat Pea - 24 inches 

Annie Gilroy Sweat Pea - vintage 1907
Bailey Hill Greenhouse opens for the season on Mother's Day, bar snowstorms, each spring and has over thirty different varieties of Antique English Sweet Peas in many individual colours and several colour mixes to chose from for your garden. All tall climbers are over a hundred years old and we also have short and trailing plants for planters and pots on your patio or deck.

Nelly Viner
Please come by soon to Bailey Hill Greenhouse to explore the possibilities for bringing some beautiful English Sweet Peas into your own home, garden and world.

Bailey Hill Greenhouse Location

You can find Bailey Hill Greenhouse on Township Road 70 near Cowley, Alberta just to the west of Pincher Creek. The maps, GPS co-ordinates and link below will help you find where we are.

GPS co-ordinates: 49°31'27.7"N 114°03'35.0"W
google maps link

Please call at 403 628 3491 to let us know that you are coming by. We are mostly here and about but we also don't keep office hours!

As you approach the farm, from either direction, you will see a 2 by 1 foot sign marked 'Bailey Hill Greenhouse'
Any problems finding us? Just give us a call at 403 628 3491